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The Dolomites are the mountains par excellence for rock climbing: spires, peaks, vertical walls to climb for every mountaineer, from beginners to those who want to climb the most difficult routes and walls.


Climbing the Dolomites around Andalo, Molveno and Fai della Paganella (Trentino), accompanied and secured by an Alpine Guide, is a unique experience. One is spoilt for choice. Get advice from our Alpine Guides on climbing a wall in the Dolomites, such as the historic Ampferer-Berger route on the Campanile Basso di Brenta, an iconic vertical spire in the Dolomites. Traverse the history of Dolomite mountaineering by roping in with an Alpine Guide to climb the route of P.Preuss on Campanile Basso, a wall first climbed by Cesare Maestri, or one of the many classic routes opened by B. Detassis, the king of the Brenta. Day climbs in the Dolomites, or overnight stays in a refuge. Shoes, harness, helmet, everything ready to set off on a new vertical adventure accompanied by an ounce of challenge.

Activity Trentino | Active holidays in the Dolomites | Rock climbing
Technical Info
NME, normal mountaineering equipment


Meeting point

To be agreed with the mountain guide depending on the destination chosen.


The minimum cost for a classic ascent in the Dolomites with an Alpine Guide is € 290, which includes the Alpine Guide’s assistance on the wall and technical equipment. Costs vary depending on the type, difficulty and length of the wall.

Info and reservation

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