Dolomiti Open

Mountains for everyone

A team of volunteers and mountain experts, including mountain guides, territory guides, ski instructors, doctors, psychologists and other professionals, all specialised in accompanying people with disabilities in mountain activities.

For the mountain to be open to everyone!

Access to the mountains, regardless of one’s level of ability and psychophysical state,
is an outstanding achievement: high altitude is, in fact, the natural environment where, more than architectural barriers, obstacles related to moral strength, character and human qualities that are often directly related to the difficulties faced in life come into play.

Often in these situations, people with disabilities indicate unconventional ways and ways of solving difficulties that open up new technical and didactic solutions.


A community asset such as the Dolomites, recognised as such by Unesco
in 2009, only truly belongs to humanity if it becomes usable by all.
The very concept of an ‘open’ environment, in our vision, goes beyond the idea of
accessibility of facilities as disability is a concept and in continuous
technical and social transformation.

It is no longer possible to determine a priori whether a route is accessible or not, for whom and for ‘which’ disability. There are disabled people who climb very difficult mountains and non-disabled people who struggle to tackle routes considered easy.

The hope is that the “superstar”effect can be overcome: it is no use admiring only the disabled person who performs impressive feats. What is really expected of everyone is to have a “open” mentalitywhich means being able to scale the world beyond architectural.barriers.

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