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Scuola Italiana Sci

Scuola Sci Dolomiti di Brenta

Together even in the snow!

In winter, the Paganella Skiarea turns into the best area to spend your days in the snow. The Dolomiti di Brenta Ski School is at your disposal to welcome you to the slopes with courses for all.Activity Trentinocollaborates with the School to make your holidays dynamic and arrive all year round and to introduce you to this wonderful corner ofTrentino.

The Italian Ski School is located in Andalo, on the Paganella Plateau, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, unique and marvellous mountains, a world heritage site. AndaloandMolveno They border the Adamello Brenta Park, the largest and most important nature park in Trentino, with a unique and well-protected set of biodiversity and unique mountain massifs, with the Adamello glaciers and the Brenta Dolomite mountains. Andalo and the entire Paganella Plateau are therefore a wonderful location for the unique and privileged environment in which it is located, with breathtaking panoramic views. The good fortune of these beautiful places also lies in the convenience and ease of reaching them. In fact, from the A22 motorway exit at San Michele all’Adige or, better still, at Trento Nord by taking the new bypass, you can reach the first ski slopes in less than half an hour!

Scuola sci Dolomiti di Brenta

The school

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Quality and experience

Trained for 25 years on the Paganella Plateau, the more than 60 instructors of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding guarantee quality, experience and courtesy so that you can spend wonderful days on the slopes of the Paganella Ski area.

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What it offers

More than 20 different types of courses, 2 equipped school camps and 5 offices complete the structure of Andalo’s largest ski school.

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For Activity Hotel guests who take lessons with the Dolomiti di Brenta School, in addition to special discounts, there are additional activities during your holiday in addition to the programme on the slopes. Your winter stay will be enriched by unique emotions and experiences in the company of mountain professionals.

Activity Trentino | Active holidays in the Dolomites | Winter


The School’s task is also to organise extra activities to ski lessons, such as informing guests of the mountain resort about slope and snow conditions, disseminating weather forecasts, offering recreational activities (torchlight walks, snowshoe hikes, typical dinners in mountain huts, etc.) organising events and/or competitions, even at a high level.
The Scuola Italiana sci Dolomiti di Brenta is a FAMILY SKI SCHOOL.

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